Why Billy Idol Shaved His Nether Regions

Sandro Monetti of Sky News quotes Billy Idol admitting, “I’ve shaved my balls. They were going grey, so I shaved them. It’s like steel wool down there.”

Billy Idol Album Signing In West Hollywood

Billy Idol celebrating the release of ‘Devil’s Playground’, his first album in 12 years, with an in-store appearance at Tower Records Sunset in West Hollywood, California on Friday (March 25). Idol was quick to pose with a topless balloon boobed female fan. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Billy Idol ‘Scream’ Video

Billy Idol 'Scream' music video
Billy Idol is out with the video to his new single ‘Scream’, from the album ‘Devil’s Playground’. Watch it online below.

The Down Side Of A Rock Idol Wearing Leather Pants

Billy Idol spoke with Rolling Stone and admitted there was a big downside to those leather pants he wore during his heyday. “We had a ten-month tour with ‘Rebel Yell’, and I had two pairs of leather pants,” the singer explained. “In the cases overnight, the leather would dry up. You could only get them up to your calves, then up to your knees, up over your thighs, and eventually you could get them over your bum. You had to warm them up, because they were stuck together. That’s the reason I started wearing cologne, to hide the stench of the fu**ing rotting, fleshy, slimy sh**. And the lower half of my body was blue, because the leather would bleed onto the skin. Instead of Old Blue Eyes, they’d call me Old Blue Balls.”

The full story at rollingstone.com has since been removed/relocated.