Billy Boy On Poison Singer Davis Leduke Lauds “Good Guy” Kiefer Sutherland

Davis Leduke and his Billy Boy On Poison bandmates

Oliver Trevena of Young Hollywood hung out with Billy Boy on Poison, the latest band signed to Kiefer Sutherland’s record label, Ironworks. The band talked about their unique sound and poetic lyrics, how they came together, being influenced by David Bowie and The Rolling Stones, their hit single ‘On My Way’, and their debut album, ‘Drama Junkie Queen’.

“Kiefer is a good guy,” Davis Leduke said. “Kiefer has really been here for us. He believes in us a lot.” As for Sutherland’s acting fame, Davis added, “It is funny to see what he does. Just because basically if you see anything bad that Kiefer has done, I’m just gonna think it’s cool. It’s gonna make him cooler. Make him make him look like more of a human being, so I’d give him a break.”

Wach the interview via YouTube below.

Billy Boy On Poison ‘Standing Still’ Video

Billy Boy On Poison

Billy Boy On Poison released the music video to their single ‘Standing Still’, off the Los Angeles, California rock band’s full-length debut album ‘Drama Junkie Queen’, out now on Ironworks Music. Watch the Ethan Dawes directed video via Vimeo below.

Billy Boy On Poison Blast Los Angeles Concertgoers

Billy Boy On Poison

GregR of 107.7 The End in Seattle interviewed Billy Boy On Poison backstage at Endfest 18 at White River Amphitheatre on September 10th.

They talked about now not having Autotune on their ‘Drama Junkie Queen’ album was a reason to buy it, as well as being “just a nice rock record.” They added that bands should “want to get the hell out of Los Angeles” because “it’s just so difficult and annoying. Everyone just stands there with cross arms at your shows and just looks cool. ‘Yeah I’m at the cool show with the cool people around.’ Everyone’s looking around at each other, judging. Nobody cares about the music.” They added that they’d rather be anywhere performing besides L.A.

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Kiefer Sutherland On Why He Signed Billy Boy On Poison

Billy Boy On Poison

Kiefer Sutherland introduced Billy Boy on Poison after recently directing the music video for their single ‘On My Way’. In this video, Kiefer shared a little about his experience working with the Los Angeles rock band and the reason he and his partner Jude Cole signed them to their label, Ironworks Music.

“One of the reasons we signed the band was just because the music itself really amplifies why I wanted to start a label in the first place,” Kiefer explained. “It was guitar driven rock, and I just love that about this band. Their energy is unbelievable and the songs were instantly identifiable. For all of those different reasons, it was something that Jude Cole, my partner on the label and I just really desperately wanted to sign.”

Watch the commentary via YouTube below.

Billy Boy On Poison Discuss Getting Signed To Kiefer Sutherland’s Record Label

Billy Boy On Poison

Billy Boy On Poison talked with ITN about how they hooked up as a band at a young age, lyrics, influences and how they were signed to Kiefer Sutherland’s record label.

“We played a show at a place in Silverlake in Los Angeles called Safari Sams, and Kiefer’s partner in the label, which is Ironworks, Jude Cole came out to see us and loved us,” singer Davis Leduke explained. “We met with them the next day, and we really liked what they could bring to the table. We thought they could do this for us.”

Watch the interview via Muzu below.

Billy Boy On Poison ‘On My Way’ Video

Billy Boy On Poison

Billy Boy On Poison are out with the video to their new single ‘On My Way’, off the Los Angeles based rock group’s ‘Sweet Mess’ EP, out now on Ironworks Music. Watch the Kiefer Sutherland and Frank Borin directed video below the cut. (more…)