DJ Ashba Explains Why Beautiful Creatures Failed did a 20 questions segment with former Beautiful Creatures guitarist DJ Ashba. Asked what happened to the group and why they never took off, Ashba said, “Well I can’t say we didn’t get a fair shake from WB. Prior to the release we were the number one priority (we had $X amount put into the band, we toured and played with some of the biggest bands including Kiss, Ozzfest 2001, Manson, etc.). I believe we made a great rock record at the wrong time, WB was going through some executive changes right when our record was released and we got lost in the shuffle along with alot of other really good bands. Our album didn’t hit the stores until 2 days after Ozzfest was over, everything was just poorly timed.” The transcript at has since been removed.

Beautiful Creatures Reportedly Dropped By Warner Bros. reports on rumors today that Beautiful Creatures were dropped by their Warner Bros. label following miserable album sales and band members like Anthony Focx lying about his age. An emailer revealed, “One of our local Warner Brothers reps told me that WB already dropped the Beautiful Creatures. Strange thing is, supposedly they’ve decided to keep only DJ Ashba under contract for upcoming projects. The rep said they ‘think’ B.C. broke up.”