August Burns Red ‘Meddler’ Video

August Burns Red are out with the video to their new single ‘Meddler’, from the Lancaster, Pennsylvania metalcore group’s third studio album ‘Constellations’, in stores and online now on Solid State Records. Watch the Steve Hoover directed video below.

August Burns Red Buy ‘Constellations’ At Target

August Burns Red recently stopped by a Target store to pick up a copy of their new album ‘Constellations’ on its Tuesday release date. Once inside, they were told by an employee they couldn’t videotape inside, but the Lancaster, Pennsylvania metalcore band did it anyway on the sly.

August Burns Red Tour Highlights

Footage from August Burns Red’s tour with All That Remains, celebrating bassist Dustin Davidson’s birthday and visiting a giant rock formation, has been posted online. The back half features highlights from the band’s show in Spokane, Washington. Their new album ‘Constellations’ is available in stores and online July 14th on Solid State Records. Watch below.

August Burns Red Get Cabin Fever

August Burns Red checked in from their cabin, getting everybody up to speed on their new EP of outtakes and unreleased material entitled ‘Lost Messengers: The Outtakes’, the new album, and much more. Watch it below.