Linkin Park Projekt Revolution 2008 Week 2 Highlights

LPTV Projekt Revolution 2008 Week 2 features Linkin Park performing ‘Crawling’ on stage with Chris Cornell, presenting the former Soundgarden/Audioslave singer a birthday cake to celebrate his 44th at Dodge Music Center in Hartford, Connecticut on July 20th. Next stop was in Phoenix, Arizona, talking with the guys from 10 Years and Atreyu as they did a signing session. A conversation backstage with Street Drum Corps is next, followed by the LP guys surviving a bit of a scare when a monsoon came in and a tent collapsed on them. The episode features Ashles Divide in Irvine, California. Watch it below.

More From Chris Cornell On Audioslave Departure

Chris Cornell offered a few more clues on his decision to leave Audioslave during an interview with Michael Roberts of the Cleveland Scene. Besides the band failing to match the quality of their self-titled debut on 2005’s ‘Out of Exile’ and the following year’s ‘Revelations’, the former Soundgarden frontman said business matters were also bothering him. One was when an unnamed member was “trying to have a mixer remix a couple of the songs at the last minute before the record came out, without telling the others.” The 42-year-old said that while he’s proud of the work Audioslave put out, his decision to split from the group wasn’t a huge struggle for him. “It might have been different if it had been something like Soundgarden, where it was, for the lack of a better term, my first love,” he explained. “With Audioslave, I didn’t have that same connection. To fight through it just didn’t seem worth it.” Cornell released his second solo album ‘Carry On’ in May. The full story at has since been removed.

Money Behind Chris Cornell’s Audioslave Departure

Sources tell The New York Post that Chris Cornell’s move to quit Audioslave came down to money. “Chris was unhappy with the financial arrangement within the group – he wrote all the music, yet the other three bandmates took an equal share in the multimillion-dollar publishing rights,” a Cornell pal explained.

Chris Cornell Talks Audioslave Split

MTV News spoke with Chris Cornell about his decision to leave Audioslave, where the singer said he had been thinking about leaving since the band finished recording its last effort, ‘Revelations’. “It was clear to all of us we needed some time apart, and what that produces is anybody’s guess,” he said. “In my case, it produced a very prolific writing period, and getting back into writing songs on my own, liking what that means which is sort of a freedom and time to just experiment with music to a degree I kind of like more – and making records that have everything I like about music in them. Audioslave was a very fresh collaboration because it was very much like a young band, where you all write together in a room. But my experience, in terms of songwriting and record-creating, is not like a 19-year-old guy in a rock band. For me to be satisfied, I think I need to be able to be on my own, in the long run.” Read more.

Chris Cornell Quits Audioslave Amid Conflicts


Reuters reports Audioslave singer Chris Cornell has quit the short-lived “supergroup,” citing “irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences,” he said on Thursday. Cornell is set to release his solo album ‘Carry On’ on May 1st. has since removed the full article.

Wish Night 2006 Awards Gala

Audioslave singer Chis Cornell attended the 7th Annual Wish Night on behalf of the Make-A-Wish Foundation at The Beverly Hills Hotel on November 17th in Beverly Hills, California. Check out pictures from GettyImages and WireImage.

Chris Cornell Not Surprised Audioslave Worked


Stuff magazine caught up with Audioslave singer Chris Cornell and asked if he was surprised by the band’s lasting success since the writer believed supergroups tend to suck. “I am not necessarily surprised. I thought, from day one, because of the way that it felt when we got together and started writing songs, that it was going to be good,” Cornell responded. “I knew we would make great records, so there would probably be an audience. I felt that the negative connotations of so-called supergroups were based on the wrong examples, which are more recent ones that people remember from the late ’80s an dearly ’90s, like Damn Yankees and Asia and all that other crap. But the fact of the matter is, if you go further back, look at the bands that came out of the Small Faces–some incredible bands came out of those initial bands, so they were all essentially supergroups. You ended up with Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. You wouldn’t thinkn of any of those being a bad idea.”

Tom Morello Arrested

Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine RATM

Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello was thrown behind bars Thursday for his role in a non-violent protest for hotel workers’ rights. The famously political rocker, along with 279 others, was arrested for his role in a sit in-style protest in the middle of one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles. The LAPD quickly broke up the demonstration and charged everyone, including Morello, with suspicion of unlawful assembly and failure to disperse. Both are classified as misdemeanor violations. Morello spoke with KROQ’s Kevin & Bean from LA County Jail on Friday morning. Listen to the interview at TMZ.