Andrew W.K’s ‘I Get Wet’ Album Reissued For 10-Year Anniversary

Andrew WK

A decade ago, pop-metal party icon, Andrew W.K. released his renowned debut album, ‘I Get Wet’. In honor of the album’s 10-year anniversary, Andrew W.K. has joined forces with Century Media Records for a special re-issue edition to be released on July 17, 2012.

With Andrew being a huge metal fan himself and a huge fan of Century Media in particular, both parties were more than ecstatic when the opportunity arose to pair up for this special release. Andrew explains:

Even after all these years, I clearly remember the first day I heard the band Mayhem’s album, ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’. Its dark psychedelic sensations made me realize I had found a new destiny – and had found the greatest music ever made. When I turned that seminal Mayhem album over and looked at the fine-print on the back cover, I saw a bold and clear stamp bearing the name Century Media. Another wave of destiny washed over me and a new dream was born: that I, Andrew W.K., would somehow be part of this great label’s story of musical power and glory. This fantastic company was not only willing to be an active player in the most crucial and illuminating of the arts (aka music), but also was willing to submit themselves to the same higher calling which motivated their most dedicated and influential artists. It gives me great pride and pleasure to confirm that Century Media is the destined home for our special edition of ‘I Get Wet’. It also gives me proof that dreams not only come true, but that they make dreams into real power. Never in a million zillion years would I have imagined that the black wizards would use their cosmic keys to create a time for my humble musical dreams. The moon may be frozen, but its cold light is brighter than ever. Let my album’s release and all our collective efforts help shine an even brighter light on all of humanity, and to further prove that the manifestation is not just underway; it is complete.

Andrew W.K. Shares Diarrhea War Stories

Capital Choas interviewed Andrew W.K. on the Warped Tour in Mountain View California on Saturday (June 26), offering the party rocker some glow in the dark silly string. The interviewer wore a Hillary Clinton mask and they discussed how he’s not a great guy at getting 10-20 girls at once on the bed, wanting to nail Mel Gibson’s hand, farting in the hand and smelling it, blaming the dog when farting, having diarrhea while crowd surfing and doing a doing a leg split only to get a similar disgusting result only to view the aftermath on a venue’s big screen.

Video of the scatological subject at YouTube has since been removed.

If Andrew W.K. Was A Girl

If Andrew W.K. was a girl for a day

Andrew W.K. talked about what he’d do if he was a girl in a video over at Altitude TV. “I would take objects of various sizes and experiment with placing them in various places,” the rocker joked. “One place in particular that I would never otherwise have being a boy for every other day in my life.”

The video at MSN has since been removed.

Andrew W.K. On Pick-Up Lines

Andrew WK offers some pick-up lines

Andrew W.K. offered some thoughts on pick-up lines in a video for Altitude TV. “I think you want to organically develop a system,” Andrew suggested. “That system is gonna come from very very very calm, very confident behavior, where you’re not trying to get the girl, you let the girl come to you.”

Video at Bing has since been removed.

Andrew WK On Father’s Day

‘Living Thoughts with Andrew WK: Fathers Day Special’ features Andrew sharing his thoughts on today’s holiday. “The best thing a father can do is just be a guiding force and a firm hand,” he opined.

The segment for Altitude TV has since been removed at YouTube.

On TV: The Format, Andrew W.K., Good Charlotte

Rock acts on television this week include The Exies, who perform on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Monday; Cartel, who visit ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday; The Format, who perform on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Tuesday; The Stooges, who perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Tuesday; Tom Morello’s project The Nightwatchman, who performs on ‘Tavis Smiley’ on Tuesday and ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday; The Fratellis, who perform on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Wednesday; Andrew W.K., who visits ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Wednesday; Blue October, who perform on ‘Late Night’ on Wednesday; Aaron Lewis of Staind, who performs on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Thursday; Arctic Monkeys, who perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Thursday; Jarvis Cocker, who performs on ‘The Late Show’ on Friday; Kings of Leon, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Friday; Good Charlotte, who perform on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Friday; and The Cinematics, who perform on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Friday.

Andrew W.K. Performs In Busan

Andrew W.K. and Edguy performed during day two of the 2006 Busan International Rock Festival on Sunday (August 6) in Busan, South Korea. Check out pictures from WireImage and watch a pair of clips from the gig at YouTube.

Queen Of The Scream: Vocal Coach Melissa Cross

Voice coach Melissa Cross, a classically trained singer and former punk rocker, has developed a method to help vocalists, including Andrew W.K., belt out their lyrics — without ruining their voices. She talks to Robert Siegel for NPR’s All Things Considered about her techniques and the philosophy behind them. Listen to the segment, including remarks by Andrew W.K., here.