30 Seconds To Mars Visit ‘New.Music.Live.’

30 Seconds to Mars at 'New.Music.Live.'

30 Seconds to Mars visited MuchMusic’s ‘New.Music.Live.’ on May 5th in Toronto, talking about their provocative ‘Hurricane’ music video, the nightmare the ‘This Is War’ video was taking one year to make, how they hooked up with Kanye West on the ‘Hurricane’ remix, getting one of their songs covered on ‘American Idol’, and their “Zombie Night” concert in Toronto. Video at newmusiclive.ca has since been removed.

Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘This Is War’ Video

Thirty Seconds To Mars are out with the music video to their single ‘This Is War’, which was shot a year ago but kept under wraps until it was leaked a few weeks ago, prompting the Jared Leto fronted band to release it officially. ‘This Is War’ is the title track off the band’s third studio album, out now on Virgin/EMI. Watch the Edouard Salier directed clip via Vevo below.

Jared Leto Isn’t Interested In Creating A Persona

Jared Leto

Jared Leto spoke with Details magazine in a Q&A, where the 30 Seconds to Mars singer was asked about whether the eyeliner, crazy hairstyles and elaborate outfits make him view his concert performances like another acting gig. “No, no, no. As a musician, it’s about revealing more of who you really are,” Leto responded. “I’m not handed a script with dialogue; there’s no cinematographer or editor. I’m not so interested in creating a persona. There have been shows where I’ve been very plain and shows where I’ve worn a dress. I’ve got a skirt on right now. I was in Japan and all the busboys were wearing them.” Read more.

Jared Leto And Tomo Milicevic Visit Chicago’s Q101

Jared Leto and Tomo Milicevic of Thirty Seconds To Mars visited the Q101 studios in Chicago to play some music they like and have a chat with DJ Tim Virgin. The guys discussed how the band is reintroducing themselves, Jared getting a pomegranate mohawk, offering 2,000 different album cover photos, and having their fans do a “Summit” with thousands of fans contributing vocals for the album, and their early struggles before catching a break opening for Incubus. Jared also channeled Journey’s Steve Perry in the studio. Watch it via YouTube below.

Jared Leto & Tomo Milicevic Backstage At Twisted 2009

30 Seconds to Mars

Electra of Chicago’s Q101 interviewed Jared Leto and Tomo Milicevic of Thirty Seconds to Mars at Twisted 2009 at House of Blues. The guys talked about Jared getting tonsils the size of golf balls the morning of their ‘Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’ appearance, how they feel about finally getting ‘This Is War’ out and selling their souls to the devil to get it accomplished, and their anticipation of fan interaction during their performance. Watch it via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Jared Leto And Tomo Milicevic Discuss ‘Kings And Queens’

30 Seconds to Mars

Jared Leto and Tomo Milicevic sat down with Altitude TV to discuss the band new Thirty Seconds to Mars album ‘Kings and Queens’. “We definitely threw out all the old tricks,” Tomo said of the new CD. “That’s for sure. There was nothing that we did in the past that was on this record.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Thirty Seconds To Mars ‘Kings And Queens’ Video

30 Seconds to Mars

Thirty Seconds To Mars are out with the video to their new single ‘Kings And Queens’, the first release from the Los Angeles rock group’s third studio album ‘This is War’, out December 8th via Virgin/EMI. Watch the Jared Leto directed video below the cut. (more…)

30 Seconds To Mars Interviewed At 2008 Kerrang Awards

30 Seconds to Mars won Best Single and Best International Band at the 2008 Kerrang Awards, where singer Jared Leto talked with ITN about the honor with his bandmates. “What we should do is melt them down into little BBs, and insert one BB each into our next CD. Because really the fans deserved the award. They voted, and this is for them.” Watch the clip below.