System Of A Down Deny Intentional Album Leak reports management for System of a Down have denied reports that frontman Serj Tankian had passed around a CDR of 15 previously-unreleased SOAD songs originally recorded during the Toxicity sessions – songs that eventually found their way onto the internet. Apparently, several of the leaked versions track names are incorrect. The tracks will likely not be released, and they had never been mixed or mastered. For a complete list of effected titles, read on.

01. Boom (Incorrectly titled ‘Everytime’)

02. Streamline

03. Virgin Tea (Incorrectly titled ‘Virginity’)

04. Waiting For You (version one)

05. American Dream

06. Highway Song (Incorrectly titled ‘Side of the Freeway’)

07. Pictures

08. Want Me To Try

09. K.I.T.T. (Incorrectly titled ‘Why’)

10. Power Struggle

11. Chick N’ Stew

12. Fortress (Incorrectly titled ‘Outerspace’)

13. .36 (Incorrectly titled ‘Your Own Pace’)

14. Desecrate (Incorrectly titled ‘Defy You’)

15. Waiting For You (version two)

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