System Of A Down Comment On Terrorist Acts

John Dolmayan, percussionist of System of a Down posted his comments on the official website of the band calling Tuesday’s terrorist acts “the end result of fanatic frustration.”

A tremendous catastrophe occurred on Tuesday, September 11 and although we may not fully understand the sense of helplessness felt by the families of the deceased, our lives have been greatly affected. While injustice exists in the world this in no way excuses, condones or diminishes the horror experienced in New York. This was obviously the end result of fanatic frustration, but the important fact remains: thousands of mothers, fathers, daughters and sons were taken from their families in a senseless act of brutality. No political rhetoric or talk of vengeance will bring them back. In this time of mourning, we must band together to show our compassion and respect for the families, who at this moment, live in a world of disbelief, shock and loss. Their pain is what we in a humanitarian act need to focus our energy on. In the hopes of rising from this tragedy stronger and more understanding of each other, we must open our hearts in an attempt to douse the fires of vengeance and murder.

Please focus your energy towards positive thoughts and love.

John Dolmayan

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