System Of A Down Comment On Leeds Drama

System of a Down publicity photo

System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian spoke with about their performance at the Carling Weekend: Leeds festival on Friday (August 22) which ended with three people hospitalized and 22 others injured after a crowd crush. “Because there are a lot of kids they get so excited they can push metal,” Shave explained. “They pushed the barricade but once we found out we stopped the show. We asked everyone: ‘If all 60,000 of you can take a step back’ and everyone looked at us as if we were crazy. It’s our responsibilty. Even though it’s my show, if kids are getting hurt you’ve got to stop. Once the energy starts coming from the fans and comes to us it creates a cycle of intense energy. Once that gets too much, you’ve got to stop it and create some peaceful energy.”

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