Sum 41’s Stevo Rates The Pop Starlets

Sum 41 'Chuck'

’s Drummer Steve Jocz (aka Stevo 32) took part in a 20 Questions with last week. Stevo was asked to rate several pop singers on a 1 to 10 scale. He gave Michelle Branch a 2, Christina Aguilera a 5, Kelly Osbourne a 4, and the then still never married Britney Spears a 10. Why give Spears a perfect score? “Now that I’ve heard she’s a Coke head,” he responded. Asked what rock star deserved a smack in the mouth, Stevo responded, “Madonna. Belted across the face with her lame children’s book. That was the worst 15 bucks I ever spent.” And asked if he had ever touched Avril Lavigne’s chest, Stevo joked, “I wasn’t aware she’d finally gr… Wait. Sorry. No.” The transcript at has since been removed.

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