Sum 41’s Maturation Meets With Mixed Results

Rob Harvilla of the Cleveland Scene combined an interview with drummer Steve Jocz with a bashing of the group’s immature antics and disappointing effort in ‘Does This Look Infected.’ On the plus side, Steve’s not taking drugs anymore. “At least for now,” Jocz admits. “And I haven’t been drinking at all on this tour. I don’t exactly have an addictive personality. I just like the idea of going out and having fun. We never did this every day — more often than most people, but not as often as someone who’s developing this big problem.” He added, “We’d never do heroin. That’s a drug that destroys bands, destroys your life, whereas other ones just enhance the party. But especially with this tour, I’m trying to just get healthy, working out every day.” has since removed the article.

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