Sum 41 Share Liquid LSD Experience spoke with drummer Steve ‘Stevo32’ Jocz who revealed the group’s little episode in Tokyo with the liquid LSD. “We were drinking at Lexington Queen, this bar in Tokyo,” Jocz remembers. “The last time we were there, we were all high on mushrooms, because they’re legal in Japan. So this time, me and Deryck went to this head shop across the street and said, ‘Gimme the strongest thing you got.’ And he gave us four vials apiece of liquid acid. I was on my third vial before we realized what it was. There was this big poster of Scooby-Doo. We stared at it for about an hour, terrified. And everyone said, ‘Steve, go up and touch it to make sure it’s not real.’ So I went and touched it. It was just a poster, but we were so scared. Never again!” has since removed the article.

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