Sum 41 On TRL

were on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to premiere their new video ‘Hell Song’. The talked a bit about their recent Playboy photo shoot and the use of action figures in the new video. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: Ladies and gentlemen, they’re here to premiere their new video
for us, sum 41.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Sum 41: How are you? Hey.

TRL: Good to have you guys in new york city, once again. You’re on the
show. By the way, make some noise — you guys should be writing for the
“saturday night live” or something. Really funny stuff.

Sum 41: You all right?

TRL: Just looking at the scenery outside.

Sum 41: It’s lovely, isn’t it?

Sum 41: Lovely day.

TRL:  You guys are out on tour right now. We count on you for a
good, funny story from the road. What happened lately?

Sum 41: In two weeks —

TRL: Can we save the best?

Sum 41: No. I get to fulfill a childhood fantasy of me where “playboy”
allowed us to do an entire photo shoot with the photographers.

TRL: What happened?

Sum 41: We’re guest photographers for the day and got to take pictures
of the bunnies all day.

Sum 41: But my mine extended but in reality that didn’t happen. But
we took the pictures.

TRL: I can only imagine! Well, let’s talk of spring break because you
guys are performing for the spring break. It will be off the hook. What
do canada ups do for spring break? What’s a hot destination?

Sum 41: We don’t have spring break. There’s no spring.

Sum 41: We have march break, it’s funny, in march, it’s just like this.
Even in july, it looks like.

Sum 41: A canadian summer right here.

TRL: Get out!

Sum 41: Canada is dark six months of the year. You know?

Sum 41: You go play hockey, drink some beer, shovel some snow. It’s
great time.

TRL: Sounds line a good time.

Sum 41: Oh, yeah.

TRL: I think. I don’t know. I’m a big fan of yours. We have one in the
audience. Quddus is hanging out with her right now. What’s up?

TRL: Yeah. Rhea is a big fan of sum 41. You have a question?

Fan: Yes, I do I’m going to see them at roseland on saturday, I’m a
huge fan. It will be awesome. Rap is big now, 50 cent, eminem, are you
into the whole rap scene?

Sum 41: Am I right on that?

Sum 41: That shows us how down we are.

Sum 41: Am I down with it? I don’t — i don’t know that song.

Sum 41: I nev even actually heard that 50 cent.

Sum 41: I don’t know 50 cent.

Sum 41: I heard he’s good.

TRL: You guys haven’t heard of 50 cent? Haven’t heard of that?

Sum 41: We’re not cool.

Sum 41: We’re not —

Sum 41: You’re going to meet him on spring break.

Sum 41: I’m sure we’ll be best buddies

TRL: I’m sure you guys have heard of eminem. Number three, eminem “sing
for the moment.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Number three, eminem, “sing for the moment.” Number two yesterday.
You guys always put out funny videos and “hell song” is no exception. Tell
us how that came about.

Sum 41: Well, they didn’t give us a lot of money.

TRL: They sent you to toys r us with 30 bucks.

Sum 41: Yeah we play with toys all the time.

TRL: Was it fun?

Sum 41: It was the easiest video shoot we ever done.

Sum 41: Where did you get all the action figures?

Sum 41: From my own private collection.

TRL: Private stash?

Sum 41: Yeah. A lot of mine — a lot of them are mine.

TRL: Are they action figures or dolls?

Sum 41: They’re dolls. Some of them.

TRL: I know everybody can’t wait. It’s the world premiere of sum 41,
“hell song,” check it out.

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