Sum 41 On TRL Monday

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with Damien outside in Times Square and inside the studios to Carson Daly. They brought out a bunch of bikini clad babes to announce their new album and joked about their ‘The’ bands spoofing video. Read on for a transcript.

Damien: Ladies and gentlemen sum 41. How are you feelin’ all the way
from canada to join us here in new york.

Sum 41: It’s cold.

Damien: You’ll get used to it.

Sum 41: Mighty big buildings here oh, man.

Damien: You are about as crazy asyour latest video out called “still
waitin'” taking jabs at the strokes, the vines, the “the” bands whose idea?

Sum 41: We are just tryin’ to be cool.

Sum 41: We figureed they were cool and that would be how to sell records
and we failed missbly.

Damien: I’m sensing sarcasm who came up with the idea of the video.

Sum 41: We all did, we sat around and thought about it. We figured that’s
hip there and better put a “the” in front of hour name.

Sum 41: Two years ago the number was cool.

Damien: With an “s”.

Sum 41: Yeah. Outfits are cute

Damien: [Inaudible] What was your favorite part about recording the

Sum 41: I liked smashing. It only took three hours to make. It usually
takes two days, sometimes a month but this a two or three hour video.

Damien: How long did it take to get dressed in those pretty outfits.

Sum 41: We had a stylist and i called my mom she helped.

Damien: We’ll send you upstass to hang out with carson but not before
the no. 6 video which is yours go ahead.

Carson: it’s time to say hi to some of our favorite canadians, sum 41.


Carson: Thanks for being here as always. This was fun watchin’ you in
times square. You looked like were you havin’ a good time out there.

Sum 41: Oh, yeah.

Carson: How is it goin’ this is “spankin’ new music week” glad you could
be part of it.

Sum 41: We are glad we could be here carson thanks for having us.

Carson: Absolutely. You are buy yourselves shall.

Sum 41: I don’t know. We got a posse, our entourage.

Carson: You heard were you rollin’ pretty deep today.

Sum 41: We roll deep.

Sum 41: Deep.

Carson: I saw some people back there who did you bring.

Sum 41: Friends.

Sum 41: See this whole thing right now with the new album and this whole
thing that sex sells and we’re not very sexy as you can tell that’s obvious.

Sum 41: We thought, well we’ll invest in sex.

Sum 41: Yeah, invest in sex — well let’s just show them.

Sum 41: Ladies


Sum 41: The best advertising we could afford.

Carson: Hi, ladies. ‘Nice to see ya for those of you who can’t read
this is: There is the date.

Carson: That is a great idea.

Sum 41: Thank you.

Carson: Thank you for sharing that with us.

Sum 41: Did it work.

Carson: It did ’cause look at this, that shot, that’s the one people
want to see come back to us no come back to us that’s ugly. Who is watchin’
this crap back to that there you go


Carson: Lights up the room.

Sum 41: That sells.

Carson: You guys just started the “somethin’ on your face” tour which
is a great name.

Sum 41: Thank you.

Carson: How many shows, literally started.

Sum 41: Two. Two shows.

Carson: Playin’ smaller places this time.

Sum 41: Yes, really small.

Sum 41: Much smaller.

Carson: What is that like i know C.B.J.B.Is here.

Sum 41: We used it do that a long time ago and haven’t in a while.

Sum 41: When we did nobody was in the small places, now they are full
which is cool.

Carson: And .A tremendous amount of time in the studio?

Sum 41: Like a whole summer actually in new york.

Carson: Why did you want to record in new york.

Sum 41: Because we get to go out but you are in the studio all day and
mainly just good to bed.

Carson: Is that true you guys you must have had time for fun.

Sum 41: Derrick was pretty much in the studio all the time urchlts I
bought them a drum machine and was in on vacation all summer.

Sum 41: What he was in the caribbean all summer.

Carson: I have heard it congratulations it sounds great. Thanks to the
ladies for coming by.

Sum 41: Thank you, ladies.

Carson: Sum 41, everybody

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