Sully Erna Q&A

Whitney Pastorek of Entertainment Weekly caught up with frontman Sully Erna for a Q&A, where he was asked about the “sinister” way he sings. “You know, I still don’t consider myself a singer,” he said. “I just scream really loud and try to keep it in key. I take a lot of advice from friends like Lisa Guyer, who sang on ‘Hollow’ [a ballad off IV]. She’s the best female blues vocalist I’ve ever heard in my life. She’s 5 feet tall, and she has the strength of an Aretha Franklin in the range of a Whitney Houston. I listen to people like that and I try to incorporate it a little bit into Godsmack. So we have room to expand. We don’t ever want to feel like we have a ceiling over our heads.” Read more.

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One thought on “Sully Erna Q&A

  1. orsirus says:

    Listen! Everybody forgets what real music is and until you read up on the history of music and how it all started you will not know the true meaning of music. Everybody has to find their true selves in music. They have to find there place in music. I have the up most respect for Sully because he found his place in music. He found his true self. What have the rest of you negative critics have done besides run your mouths. I do not see you out there doing it. No, you just sit back and criticize and judge because that is all you are good at. So I guess what I am trying to say is until you find your place in music. SHUT UP! This message is for all of those negative critics of Sully Erna.

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