Sullivan’s Harward Announces Band’s Breakup

Bassist Zach Harward of Greensboro, North Carolina rock act checked in with fans on the band’s blog at Myspace on Sunday (November 11) with the following sad news:

RIP Sullivan (2001-2007)

I really wish I didn’t have to type these words, but Sullivan as we know it, is no more. On the evening before the start of what was to be our first headlining tour, the band has decided to call it quits. I am as saddened as the rest of you.

Me and Brooks [Paschal, singer] started Sullivan 6 and a half years ago. We were fortunate enough to eventually be joined by Phil [Chamberlain, drums], Tyson [Shipman, guitar] and most recently Jeremy [Stanton, guitar]. For the past several years these people have been like brothers to me and we all worked together as a family to bring Sullivan to the world. The times we spent could never be considered a waste. They have been some of the best times of my life and I’m sure the others see it the same way.

There have been so many people who have helped us along the way that there is no way to name them all. Countless people who gave something of themselves to us and expected nothing in return. We couldn’t have made it as far as we did without you.

I was constantly amazed by the people who came out to see us play. I want you to know that every time someone came up to me at a show to talk, give me a hug or just ask me to sign something, that it really made me happy. I loved meeting new people, and that’s really the one thing that I’ll miss the most.

Sullivan may be dead for now, but nobody is going away forever. We’ll still be around if you need us. If you never bought ‘Cover your Eyes’, go out and get it. I swear it’s good.

This site isn’t dead either, I still have a few more things to get out there before Sullivan closes down shop. So keep coming back for more information.

So we’ll miss you guys. Go out there and support live music, (just make sure you listen to your Sullivan CDs on the way to the show.)

With deepest love


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