Sullivan’s Brooks Paschal Unprepared For Final Show Emotions

Brooks Paschal of checked in with fans on Sunday (November 25) with the following bulletin on the band’s Myspace:

So I hope all of you are doing well!
I miss you kids a lot! We are gearing up for our last show on Dec 21st. I know a lot of you are coming from out of state, which is amazing! Please get your tickets early, cause I don’t want you to drive and then not be able to get in. is the site to get them. They are going fast so, hurry. I don’t even know how to begin to deal with the emotions that will define that night, I can’t wait to hug you all!

I am friends with sooo many bands and musicians, and I wanted to tell you a little about my life right now. I have been given the really amazing opportunity to partner up with Pete Thornton, he’s one of the biggest producers/mixers in the business, he did the Paramore record, he mixed our record, hes also has been responsible for soo many bands successful careers. I have made it my new life’s goal to see great people succeed. I love music, and I love people who make it their life and I want to give back to those people, who give their lives to give to the world. Many of you know, I have been writing and producing for a long time, but now its my life. If you are a band that takes your career seriously, and wants to make this your life, please contact me at this is my email address. You can just email me to say hey if you want, but bands and musicians please contact me and let’s change the world.

Love you

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