Suis La Lune Releases New Album ‘Riala’

Suis La Lune 'Riala'

Suis La Lune released their new album ‘Riala’ on Tuesday (May 22) via Topshelf Records. The album is the Swedish screamo band’s first release since 2008. ‘Riala’ is a self-produced album full of self-proclaimed “complex pop songs”. Check out the album tracks and listen to a stream of the ten songs below.

‘Riala’ Tracklist:
1. Cornea
2. Stop Motion
3. Wishes & Hopes
4. Hands Are For Helping
5. In Confidence
6. Remorse
7. All That Meant Something
8. Riala
9. Sense In a Broken Dialogue
10. One and All, Every Bit

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