S.T.U.N. Hope To Get Their Message Across

S.T.U.N.’s second stage sets were so frantic and unpredictable at the Vans Warped Tour that the band was often moved up to the main stage just so no one got hurt. No matter where the band attacked, though, critics often labeled the quartet the shocking surprise of the show, the Los Angeles Times even comparing the group’s swagger and love of danger to the Sex Pistols. J. tells Jeff Inman of Las Vegas CityLife that’s all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t mean much if the greater message isn’t getting across. “It’s not like we preach against or say that we don’t like that so much that you can’t just groove along,” he says, “but you also hope that there are some people out there who understand what it is we’re trying to say. I think we’re playing music from the heart, and the kids get that. But those that come up after the show and want to talk about the lyrics rather than just say you rock, that’s the icing on the cake. You know what you’re doing is making a difference.” The full story at lasvegascitylife.com has since been removed.

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