Stump Blasts Partying Celebs, Hilton Doesn’t Count

Popworld caught up with frontman Patrick Stump for a Q&A, asking about who he respects and hates in the music industry. “Timbaland has proved himself beyond pop, beyond everything,” Stump responded. “This year he came out and showed that he could pretty much do anything he wants. He’s probably one of our best living producers. I think My Chemical Romance made an awesome record, they’re my closest friends and I’m really proud of them. Who do I hate? I’m not naming names but I absolutely have no patience or empathy for the type of artist that ignores their art. The type of celebrity who forgets what they’re celebrated for, and ends up just professionally going out to parties. That’s fu**ing bullsh**. If you’re going to make art, you should care about making it.” Asked if Paris Hilton fit that bill, Stump responded, “Not naming names, but I’ll tell you actually not Paris Hilton, because she’s not an actress or singer technically.” The artilce at has since been removed.

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