String Zebrahead Up, They Still Won’t Die

Despite sales flops of their first two albums, are still together, still with Columbia, and set to release their third album ‘MFZB’ on Tuesday (October 21). “We never broke up,” lead rapper Ali Tabatabaee explained to Alison M. Rosen of Orange County Weekly. “We toured for a year and a half after Playmate of the Year was released and then went right back in and started writing songs.” The group took 2 1/2 years to write their latest, trimming 90 songs down to 15 for the effort. “We really wanted to make sure this was an album we were all happy with,” says Tabatabaee. “In the past, we always felt rushed. This time, we really took our time and wrote a bunch of songs and went through them over and over again until we were happy.” Read more.

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