Straight Rock Breaking Still A Question In America

Virgin Mega magazine’s Michael Jolly spoke with bassist Patrick Matthews and was asked why he felt straight-ahead rock’n’roll bands were making a big comeback. “It seems like in America, it’s still the question—will it break? While in England they’re the biggest bands now,” Matthews said. “The Strokes are headlining Reading and the White Stripes are massive. In America will it change? I don’t know. One thing I’ve thought about, especially about bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club—I’ve read a little bit about them—and also The Strokes, it seems like bands that would have before been underground, that they’re tremendously ambitious. And as well. I mean the arrogance and ambition of that band—it’s all over them. I don’t know, maybe that’s got something to do with it more than saying music is due for a change. Now some bands are suddenly like, ‘Fu** this we’re going to try and get on the radio.'” The full article at has since been removed.

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