Story Of The Year’s Ryan Phillips Discusses ‘The Black Swan’

guitarist Ryan Phillips spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about the St. Louis group’s third album ‘The Black Swan’, which sees the band strike a balance between the divergent sounds of their first two records. “The main difference between this record and the last one is that some of the songs on it are definitely a lot more similar to songs our first record,” Phillips explained. “On this new record there’s some stuff that’s heavier than anything we’ve ever done – the opening track ‘Choose Your Fate’ is the heaviest song we’ve ever recorded. But at the same time there’s tracks that are a lot like the first record, so this record falls in the middle of ‘Page Avenue’ and ‘In The Wake Of Determination’. We definitely just did things our way and made it happen the way we wanted to we definitely went for an organic raw sound but not to the extreme we went to on the last record. We just found a good medium between the rawness of ‘In The Wake Of Determination’ and the production of ‘Page Avenue’ so we’re in a really good place with that.” The full story at has since been removed.

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