Stone Sour Finds Wider Fan Base Than Slipknot

Martin Popoff of Chart Attack caught up with and frontman Corey Taylor who says his new band has been getting good reaction, even from die-hard Slipknot fans. “I’ve had a lot of kids tell me they like this better than Slipknot,” says Taylor. “It’s really crazy. I mean, Slipknot is an acquired taste. If you’re not into heavy, heavy rock, you’re not going to get into it. With this, it appeals to a much wider audience, for whatever reason. But I think that says something about Slipknot as well. I mean, we’ve got a core base of fans that are there for us. But at the same time, they’ve got a very open mind and they’re very into what we’re doing with Stone Sour. There’s really been no negatives.” has since removed the article.

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One thought on “Stone Sour Finds Wider Fan Base Than Slipknot

  1. jacky says:

    Hey! Corey Taylor is the best! He’s a god! He’s damn sexy and have the best voice! Slipknot ROCKS!

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