Stinson: Westerberg Has Bigger Ego Than Axl Rose

Chart Attack caught up with Tommy Stinson, the former bassist in The Replacements who now is on the new Guns N’ Roses lineup. Asked whether Axl Rose or Paul Westerberg was the most difficult frontman to work with, Stinson said, “Oh, Axl’s a whole lot better to work with. The Replacements stuff we did I’m still proud of. It’s all great, fine, good, all that. But I feel like I’m actually part of a band right now. Paul wrote the songs, we played ‘em. But here, we’re all writing these songs, we’re all fu**in’ playing them. I just feel more a part of it. If it’s even fu**in’ imaginable at all, Paul’s got a fu**in’ bigger ego than anyone I’ve ever known.” has since removed the article.

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