Steve Schirripa On Stapp’s ‘Casino Cinema’ Visit

Steve Schirripa, co-host of ‘Casino Cinema’, was on ‘Last Call with
Carson Daly’ on Friday night, talking about the strange and apparent drunken
appearance by former Creed singer on the program. Schirripa
admitted he was “kind of jealous” of how hammered Stapp was. Read on for
a transcript of their chat concerning Stapp.

Carson: We were talking about your show. And this guy from creed, scott
stapp, the cinema —

Steve: You know, I’m not — you probably know, I’m not really a creed
guy, you know. I don’t even know who the hell the guy was. I’m a sinatra
guy. And he came on. You know, we have the show. It’s a wrap-around show
with beth. She’s my co-host. We’ve been doing it for a little while. It’s
on tuesday nights at 9:00 on spike. We have really good guests. We have
rob schneider and a whole bunch of different people. Scott came in last
week to promote his solo album, and i was sitting in the makeup trailer.
I mean, he walked in, mr. Soprano, I’ll kick your

[ Expletive ].

Carson: That’s how he walked in, really?

Steve: I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Carson: No. Not in this trailer.

Steve: No.

[ Applause ]

Steve: I swear, that’s the first words out of his mouth. And he was
very rude to beth. He said, hey, you want a piece of this?

Carson: She has a boyfriend. You have to be an idiot. Don’t do that.

Steve: He was like the morrison thing. On my best day I’ve never been
that hammered. I was kind of jealous, to be honest.

Carson: Yeah. What are you drinking?

Steve: Whatever you’re on. Give me some. Share.

Carson: Was it tough to shape the show?

Steve: He was just like crazy. He was doing kung fu.

Carson: I saw that.

Steve: Then he was channeling different people. Like every question
— so I’m asking him, I’m going, so you’re on the road. What do you do,
[ Expletive ] Five brods at a time? Yeah. You have a bird dog? Do they
go and get the girls?

Carson: A bird dog? Takes out the girl?

Steve: Yeah, i got one of those.

Carson: He does? I thought he was a christian artist.

Steve: You saw the tape.

Carson: Let’s take a look at another one we have from this debacle of

Steve: You say the things about the lord. You know what I’m saying?
You call me to bring this into the house of the lord. That’s what god called
me to say.

[ Applause ]

Carson: Wow.

Steve: I don’t even know what he said. I’ve never seen anyone —

Carson: And to think i almost married that.

Steve: He would make a good — him and tara would be all right together.

Carson: Wow.

Steve: I had to spell it out to the crowd. I already warned you about
that. Thank god.

Carson: I know. Dodged a big bullet. Enough of that.

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