Stereophonics Come From The Heart & Soul On New LP

Kelly Jones of tells Australia’s Beat magazine that the band’s stated objective for their fourth album ‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back’ was that it would contain songs “from the heart, about music and soul”. That seems pretty much what Stereophonics have always done, but there was a difference this time around. “We have always recorded albums that way, but on this one we tried to concentrate more on capturing the band rather than trying to fix something later,” Kelly explained. “For us to make a record and then tour it for two years we wanted to go in there and become a band again. There’s an art to recording a band in a room, it’s not just about sticking everything into a computer and fixing it up later. We wanted to make a record that had all the right references and all the right sounds, so that we had a really good collection of songs. Those songs weren’t just put together to get onto radio stations, it was about how we felt at the time.”

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