Stephen Pearcy Q&A

Former frontman Stephen Pearcy took part in a Q&A with Deb Rao of Asked if he was on good terms with RATT guitarist Robin Crosby at his untimely death in 2002, Pearcy responded, “Of course, we just finished ‘Behind The Music VH1’, and it is suppose to air this April. I am glad it is coming out because alot of people are confused, never knew the history of RATT. We were fortunate enough to sell out arenas. We had the big shows, the big money, the big everything. The platinum debauchery card. It is when you get into something like that you never know when it is going to end. I have been prepared for it with my label. Some of those guys out there are a little more extreme. Robin was metal all the way, he was into it, that is where it went ya know.” Read more.

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