Stephen Pearcy On Leaving Ratt

Classic Rock Revisited conducted a Q&A with Stephen Pearcy and asked the former frontman why he left the group. “You can perceive it as voluntary or involuntary, withdrawl,” he said. “It was an agreement or partnership that was sometimes honored and sometimes not. I took them to court etc. and we amicably got it settled, but unfortunately it took four years of bullsh**. That doesn’t mean that everything is better, because I still feel that there are wrong things being done right now, and some things bother me. As long as they don’t disturb the real partnership and throw a record out there, that is fine with me. They can do what the want. They are just a cover band. I don’t go out and perceiving myself as my old band. I just happen to be the guy that created the band, hired them and wrote the songs. I co-wrote the songs. I am a Rat Bastard and I have bigger, better, fish to fry. I just wanted to regroup and develop at a time when it was very necessary.”

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