Stephanie Seymour Still Fuming At Axl Rose

Star magazine reports Axl Rose’s ex-girlfriend Stephanie Seymour has no interest in seeing him on the Guns N’ Roses comeback tour. “Would I ever have a conversation with him again? God no,” Seymour snarled. “I can’t believe I lived through that.”

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7 thoughts on “Stephanie Seymour Still Fuming At Axl Rose

  1. Francesca says:

    But…it’s better to say: “How Axl Rose could live through that!”. I also heard that Stephanie Seymour has not a very nice personality, even if she looks beautiful outside…
    If she is really the good one in her relationship with Axl, why her son’s nanny, Beta, is still living with Axl today and not with her? Why it seems that Axl is much better than her?
    The only aspect I hate in this story is that Axl, probably, still loves her.

  2. Lita says:

    Well, Stephie is divorcing now and rumor is Axl wants her back and she’s so sorry she left him for ugly grandad Peter, so… Seems like she was bullsh**ting saying that she doesn’t wanna talk to Axl ever again. We’ll wait and see what happens. After all Axl dedicated the whole “Chinese Democracy” to her and Dylan.

  3. rosalyn says:

    They look great together and probably still love each that Stephanie is divorced there’s a chance

  4. dukegdl says:

    No mother would like a madman as the father of your children. The Greatness that is as musician does not guarantee the mental and emotional state. She just wants to forget. In a country that preaches freedom. Not much to ask. Too bad no one can say the same for mental freedom.

  5. jorrose says:

    Go on Axl, we love to see you and Stephanie get back together again,

    and express my millions thanks to GN’R. for the brilliant songs that has been helping us through our life day by day so far…may God bless you all and Merry Christmas to GN’R,families and all GN’R Fans


  6. emmy says:

    Axl Rose is the best and as if Stefanie dumps him for that idiot they looked so good together they were both crazy and suited each other, Stefanie is so beautiful her face and body but I don’t know about her personality but what I can see shes beautiful they should definitely get back together. Axl is a legend

  7. vada says:

    i think u guys are forgeting how he beat her mercilessly.

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