Stefani On 9/11: We Just Felt Like, ‘What Are We Doing?’

MTV’s John Norris spoke with and asked Gwen Stefani how the band reacted to the events of September 11 while they were recording Rock Steady. Gwen said, “We were so excited about the record, and all of a sudden it just deflated us. We just felt like, “What are we doing?” “How can we help?” “It’s not gonna be appropriate to put this party record out.” [Then we were] getting a little more perspective on the whole thing and looking back at history and seeing how music is such a gift and a healer and so powerful. Now I feel like it’s coming out with perfect timing to be a diversion, a little bit of a break and a little bit of fun. Hopefully it will help in that little, small way.” The full interview at has since been removed.

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