Static-X Visit Last Call With Carson Daly

Static X were on Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday to perform their hit ‘Cold’. Carson briefly talked to frontman Wayne Static about the two versions of the song and working with Jonathan Davis on the ‘Queen of the Damned’ sountrack. Read on for a transcript of Carson and Wayne’s chat.

Carson: All right. Welcome back to “last call.” Here are the boys
of . Make some noise for them. Glad to have you guys here.

Carson: Wait, I wanna clear up just a little bit. I know that you guys
have a song called “cold,” obviously, on “The Queen of the Damned” soundtrack.
It is a different version of the song than appears on your self-titled

Yes. The album — our second record is called “Machine,” and that’s
what the song “Cold” was originally on. And after being on the road for
eight months and playing this song every night, I just felt like we could
do it a little bit differently and a little bit better. So we went in,
recut the vocals, did some different edits, added some loops and stuff,
you know?

Carson: And Jonathan, Korn was a part of that process?

No, no, but he actually — that was —

Carson: You worked with him on another —

I worked with jonathan from korn on another song that’s on the soundtrack,

Carson: All right. Very good. You guys good? Life on the road good?

Exciting, yeah.

Carson: Yeah. All right.

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