Statement On Car Wreck From Oasis Official Site

Here’s the entire statement on the car crash from the band’s official website,

Three members of Oasis were involved in a car accident Tuesday afternoon in downtown Indianapolis. A taxi they were traveling in was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle. All three members: Noel Gallagher, Andy Bell & Jay Darlington were taken to hospital by ambulance, where they were treated for shock and cuts and bruises. Keyboard player Jay has his hand strapped and has to return to hospital on Wednesday for further treatment. Noel, who was traveling in the front of the car, has suffered heavy facial bruising, and seat belt cuts. Neither member is well enough to undertake the show at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis on Wednesday evening, and have been ordered by hospital doctors to fully rest for the next 48 hours to let their prescribed medication take full effect. Consequently their highly anticipated sold out show due at the Murat this evening (Wednesday) has to be rescheduled to another date. A spokesperson for the band said that the bands US Agent and the Murat’s Promoter will be talking first thing Wednesday about finding a date later this year when the show can possibly be rescheduled. He said he was very relieved that none of the injuries were more serious, with most of the cuts and bruises being caused by air bags & seat belt burns. Oasis would like to thank all their fans in Indianapolis for their understanding that the show can’t take place this evening, and assure them that every effort will be made to return soon to play the Murat.

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