Statement From The Owners Of Station Nightclub

A statement released by Kathleen M. Hagerty, a lawyer representing the owners of The Station Concert Club: “Last night’s fire and loss of life at The Station is an absolute tragedy which cannot be described by words. The owners of the club, Michael and Jeffrey Derderian, are devastated and in shock over these events, which have claimed the lives of so many, including their friends. Their prayers and deep felt sympathy go out to those who lost their lives, their families and to those who were injured.”

“Jeffrey Derderian was in the club at the time the fire broke out, and assisted in helping to evacuate the building during the fast-moving fire. Mr. Derderian was interviewed by state and local authorities last night on the scene and provided all information as requested. Michael and Jeffrey Derderian have owned The Station since March 2000.

“At no time, did either owner have prior knowledge that pyrotechnics were going to be used by the band . No permission was ever requested by the band or its agents to use pyrotechnics at The Station, and no permission was ever given.”

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