Starsailor’s Newest Is What We’ve Already Heard

Starsailor 'Love Is Here' album cover

Gregory Yolen of the Yale Daily News gave a rather harsh review of the latest effort from on a creative basis even though he admits it isn’t particularly bad. Yolen said, “The somewhat problematic question that ‘Love is Here’ begs is this: Does it bode well for modern pop music that rather than pushing the envelope, bands like Starsailor are satisfied referring back to staples of their own musical upbringing? And that they are essentially rehashing them in the process, even if that rehash sounds great?” Yolen adds of the disc he compares to Portishead, Jeff Buckley, and Radiohead, “It would be so much easier to dismiss Starsailor if their first album weren’t so endlessly, completely enjoyable. It makes up in sheer listen-ability what it lacks in musical creativity and freshness.” Read more.

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