Starsailor Get Heavier On ‘On The Outside’

get heavier on their latest effort, ‘On the Outside’, resisting the urge to copy their piano led sophomore album. “It’s a bit heavier I think,” bassist James Stelfox tells Time Off magazine. “That wasn’t intentional, it’s just because we were jamming a lot more. We were getting together in our old rehearsal room – we’d just bash it out, pop out for a few beers and come back and do some more really. I’m really proud of this new record. [We just wanted] to please ourselves, I think. I know the record company probably won’t like us to say that but it was, mainly. Just to get through the second album was kind of hard… to keep together as a band, and then we just wanted to make sure we were all happy with this album. For the first time, all four of us can sit down and say we think we’ve made a fu**ing great record.” The full article at has since been removed.

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