Starsailor Frontman Blasts Irrelevant Oasis

frontman James Walsh has reignited the feud with Liam and Noel Gallagher by claiming are no longer a relevant force in British rock music. He told the Glasgow Daily Record, “If Oasis think the music is still important, they’re mistaken. They had their day in the sun. I don’t listen to Oasis any more and I don’t let their comments bother me any more. Their attitude is just the northern way. Sometimes people from Manchester call each other wankerss as a term of endearment, but I don’t agree with that way of going about things. Liam’s intimidating. He just seems like a really nasty person. I think Oasis take that belief that they are the greatest band in the world and where they come from is the centre of the universe a little too far. There is nothing charming about Liam’s nastiness. It started when everyone was asking people what they thought of Starsailor and it was flattering that we were thought of as being representative of where music was going. But Oasis writing songs about coming from an ordinary estate and wanting to get out, or dealing with the romanticism of that in songs like ‘Live Forever’, seems hypocritical when they put someone else down who is doing exactly what they are preaching.”

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