Staind’s Mushok Gives Update From The Studio

guitarist Mike Mushok has posted the following message on the group’s web site: “Hey there, me again. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that things are going really well in the studio. Jon’s dong a great job (as usual) doing drum tracks. He got 7 songs done last week and we should be done with drums hopefully by tomorrow. We wrote a new song yesterday that we worked on all day and he tracked last night that came out great! We’re also going to be working on some of Aaron’s acoustic ideas the next couple of days and I’m sure we’ll get some more good stuff from that.”

“It’s really cool to be working at the studio that you live at. We’ve never done that before and it really seems to be working out well. Besides that, we’re not that far from home so we get to get home on weekends and relax a little bit. We’re actually done at this studio on Friday and move into our rehearsal space to record vocals and guitars (again close to home).

“It’s also really good working with [producer] David Bottrill – he’s a great guy and has some really good ideas in helping make the songs better. He’s also really a stickler for getting the best performances out of you as possible (just ask Jon). So, just wanted to give a quick update saying – all is well here and we’re moving forward nicely.”

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