Sparta’s Tony Hajjar Talks About At The Drive-In

Zac Crain of the Dallas Observer checked in with ’s Tony Hajjar who addressed the hiatus of his former group At the Drive-In. “You know, the hiatus thing was, to me, just press crap,” Hajjar said. “You know what I mean? You’re supposed to stay quiet, you’re supposed to not say anything, but you know what? A hiatus for everybody else is my life. And my livelihood. And I’m not going to live on a hiatus. I think it’s absolute bullsh**. So we knew we had to get going and work our butts off, and that’s what we did. We’re enjoying exactly what we’re doing. Officially, I guess people still think we’re on hiatus, but there’s no such thing. That’s the funny part. I think all five of us are having a great time, and that’s the best part of it.” has since removed the article.

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