Sonny From P.O.D. Talks To Carson Friday

’s Sonny Sandoval called into TRL’s Special Edition on Friday where he talked about how he felt the new album “doesn’t mean nothing compared to what’s going on” following Tuesday’s terrorist attacks.

Transcript of Carson Daly/P.O.D. Sonny Sandoval interview:

Carson: Thank you very much. This was brought up the video music awards last week when we were havin’ fun. On the phone sonny from P.O.D.Are you there.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carson: Amazing i had probably about the couple greatest nights of my life with you.

Sonny: Ha-ha right.

Carson: With you and your band here in new york city and being excited about the release of “Satellite” the new P.O.D. Record which is great, spent so much time on it and comes out like Jay-Z Tuesday, a bittersweet day tell me what it was like for ya.

Sonny: I was lookin’ forward to a beautiful day, know when i woke up and watched the news you know i was crashed — crushed. The music, it record, it doesn’t — doesn’t mean nothing compared to what’s going on but these are the times I’m thankful that we write positive music, you know, I’m grateful that we make encouraging music and so in times like this i want people to understand that P.O.D. Is about love and that’s the kinds of love we ask for everybody, you know what i mean, i think this time is definitely a time to reflect on love and one another, you know what i mean.

Carson: Yeah. Kind of ironic some of the general feeling of your first single “alive” and the video i think, share with everybody how these two things might be related. Given that you just never know at any given moment w what can go down.

Sonny: Well, I mean i never thought anything look this we would ever see anything like this in our generation but we were just talkin’ about day-to-day life things we go to and struggles and you know good and bad times but this is by far one of the worst times. Again I think we need to look at every day and be thankful for what we have. I think in this time, though, the only thing we have is one another and our love for each other and, you know, hopefully god will see us through all this you know what i mean?

Carson: Absolutely. I know you are a fan of music, the food of your soul as it is mine. God bless we’ll talk to you soon.

Sonny: Thanks.

Carson: My best to the other guys, as well.

Sonny: Thank you brother.

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