Sonic Youth Frontman Starts Free Music Label

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth 'Rather Ripped'

After September 11, 2001, one of the first musicians to take on an activist role was Thurston Moore of . Moore, with the help of Chris Habib, Sonic Youth’s Webmaster and technology whiz, has started his own free music label, Protest Records. Using more practical means of distribution, Protest Records is giving its music away as MP3’s on the Internet at Moore tells the New York Times one of his longtime fantasies was to have a label that gave away music free. “I thought it would be great to be in a band that made millions of dollars that could do something like that, but it never panned out. I liked the idea because it would drive retail stores crazy. Originally the ideas were more far-fetched, like hiding the records around the city so that people had to find them.” Read more.

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