Snowman’s Lyrically Real, But Dramatized

Australia’s Time Off magazine caught up with songwriter Joe McKee for a Q&A, and asked him if the band had received criticism to that their music seems melodramatic or pretentious. “Not directly, but people have hinted at it,” McKee responded. “I couldn’t really give a fu**, to be honest. Everything on the album is a real thing that’s happened to us, but I suppose there is a filmic quality to it and it takes you on a journey and goes through different moods. It is a dramatized version of our lives, I suppose. When you write about certain things in your life you’re often emotionally charged and that’s generally the best time to work on songs, or listen to music. Maybe that’s why our music turns out like it does, it’s written in very intense moments.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

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