Snider: Twisted Sister Reuniting Is ‘Healing’

The Long Island Press spoke with frontman Dee Snider and asked the singer what it is like to perform again with the hair metal band. “It’s healing. That’s a good word for it,” he responded. “I mean, we’re doing it for all the right reasons, it hasn’t been a desperation move…I’m doing better now than I was then. I’ve got a voiceover career, I’ve got a radio career, I do a lot of television stuff and films and screenplays, and Van Helsing’s Curse…[Twisted Sister] got together because it’s something we had to do to end on a more positive note. We ended on a horribly sour note, and now we’re friends again, we’re enjoying each other’s company, and we’re having fun at the shows. Fans have been enjoying the shows, so it works for everybody.”

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