Slipknot’s Sid Wilson Discusses Broken Heels

Sid Wilson of talked about breaking both his heels on the first day of the US Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem tour in a clip at the Roadrunner UK YouTube channel. “I walked back around stage and got some help getting back up to my riser,” Wilson explained. “They put a chair behind me so that whenever the lights went out I could sit down, when the lights came on I stand up and finished the show on my feet. Didn’t want the kids to know I’ve been damageable. I got some crutches and was able to walk off stage and went to the hospital and found out I broke both my feet.” Watch the message below.

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One thought on “Slipknot’s Sid Wilson Discusses Broken Heels

  1. Raivyne says:

    I love you Sid!!!!!!!!

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