Slipknot’s Joey #1 Blasts Critics Talking Sh*t

Zero magazine talked with Joey #1 Jordison about why his band is so angry despite having achieved so much success where he took the opportunity to blast the critics and the record industry. Joey #1 said, “It’s because, after the first album all of the critics and people in the industry talking sh*t, thinking that they’ve got the fu**ing band figured out.” As for what actually is ‘metal’, Joey #1 adds, “It’s sure as hell not Papa Roach. It’s not Linkin’ Park. You know, it’s not Crazy Town. It’s more down picking that makes it heavier. A lot of it comes from the singer. You can tell when people come from an older school. You can’t just start playing metal now out of the current influences like Korn or Limp Bizkit.”

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One thought on “Slipknot’s Joey #1 Blasts Critics Talking Sh*t

  1. filipinorockerstoners says:

    fu** moron critics. Slipknot rules. They are the bomb. Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Crazytown and Korn is also good bands. Please also listen to many great Filipino bands with English songs like Slapshock, Greyhounds, Queso this are real metal rockining band type online their name also see tower of doom records at

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