Slipknot Has A Short Future Says Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor tells MuchMusic that will have a shorter future than . “The great thing about Slipknot is it is one of those bands that if it hangs out too long, it will not be cool at all,” Taylor said. “So we do what we do with Slipknot. I think Slipknot has one more album in it, and then we’ll call it a day. Cause if we over stay our welcome people are going to start to turn on it.” He added, “Stone Sour on the other hand I think has 10 or 15 years in it, just for the fact that we can do anything. The bad thing about Slipknot is we kind of painted ourselves into a corner, with Stone Sour all bets are off.”

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8 thoughts on “Slipknot Has A Short Future Says Corey Taylor

  1. anamull says:

    I’ll find it hard when Slipknot ends :( And I assure you it will be a sad day when I’m no longer a maggot but as he says “grow up!”

  2. patrick says:

    Slipknot are better than stone sour

  3. stephanie says:

    Ah no. That makes me sad. I want Slipknot to stay around longer than that.

  4. Devon says:

    Check the date on this. Its from 2002. That was during the Iowa cycle where Corey wasn’t having any fun with Slipknot anymore because of all the tension from both the band and everyone that worked for them. He said he was miserable. BUT It’s 2009 now, and Corey and Shawn (Clown) are already coming up with ideas for the next Slipknot album…and they just released their fourth one! Keep up with the times here! =O Slipknot’s gonna be around longer than what Corey thought. =)

  5. Dean says:

    Slipknot rocks if anything happens to them Stone Sour will lose a lot of fans to because a lot of Stone Sour fans are Slipknot fans and a lot of people respect Corey and Jim for keeping up with two bands so ROCK ON SLIPKNOT

  6. josh says:

    Will Slipknot have one last album?

  7. josh says:

    Man without Slipknot my life will be boring. Why can’t Slipknot just go on being Slipknot and I’m only 14 Slipknot was my life now who am I gonna listen to when no no one is gonna be like ya

  8. ubasnaga says:

    Honestly, I think Slipknot is done, the quality of the music has gone down I mean way down since IOWA. I hope I’m not alive when the nine dies, but if I am, I will die for show, and plus its facts of life. Goodbye slipknot.

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