Slipknot Get Heavier With ‘All Hope Is Gone’

Beat magazine spoke with Corey Taylor of , where the vocalist talked about how the band’s fourth studio album ‘All Hope Is Gone’ measures up against its prior effort. “See I think this album is heavier than the last album by far,” Taylor said from his home in Des Moines, Iowa. “‘Vol. 3’ was a lot more melodic and mellow but on this album there’s a lot more attitude. I think people wanted this album to be mellower and I don’t see where they get that from. Sure, there are songs like ‘Snuff’ and ‘Gehenna’, but those are the only two slower tunes on it whereas ‘Vol. 3’ had four. I just think we just have a really good way of putting something together and when you got something that ain’t broke, you don’t try to fix it. We all went away and wrote a bunch a stuff and brought it in and just started putting it together. And I was really excited when I heard the music.”

The full interview at has since been removed.

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