Slipknot Discuss Putting On ‘The Crap’ Ritual

Get a rare glimpse into ’s backstage ritual, as they transform into metal maniacs in a video clip at Roadrunner Records YouTube channel. The teaser clip is part of a feature showing on Time Warner’s Music Choice On-Demand. Watch it below.

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One thought on “Slipknot Discuss Putting On ‘The Crap’ Ritual

  1. nick cook says:

    The Slipknot fans are here, but need to come out of the cracks of darkness in the earth. so all you maggots out their, thrive and be like before and unite as one. don’t wait for them to come to your town, I mean come on!!!
    I live in Tucson AZ and I might be the most hardcore fan because I have NINE different Slipknot tattoos. All bigger than my HUGE fist. So all you fans… Still stay strong because just like me, one day you will be hard-core. “All hope is gone is” is the third best of Slipknot album. And for them to put on “The Crap” is not easy, so when they come to your town… I want you to scream your lungs out!!!!!!!!!!! – Nick

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