Slayer’s King Calls Mustaine A Dictator

’s Kerry King spoke to Guitar World magazine about the time he spent in as the band’s touring/live guitarist. Asked how he thinks Megadeth would have turned out if he had stayed in the group, Kerry replied, “I played their first five shows, and if I had stayed I probably wouldn’t have lasted more than a year, because [Megadeth frontman] Dave Mustaine is such a dictator and had much poppier ideas than me. It never would have worked. Jeff [Hanneman, Slayer guitarist] and I used to go see Metallica and be blown away by how awesome Mustaine was, so I was honored when the call came asking me to help him. But after five shows, I was like, ‘I’m in Slayer and that ain’t going to change.” That didn’t go over too well.”

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